The Insider’s Guide on Best Bunk Beds in Walls

Bunk Beds in Walls is a product of modern engineering and design  Its innovative design allows bunk bed folds away flat into the wall or in a closet which enables the family to maximize the room space for yoga, for children play or for study.If you love guests and friends at your place then such beds are ideal for a sleepover. .As it comes with a thick mattress it provides comfortable night sleep.

Hidden Bunk Beds are very easy to install into the wall. But if not installed properly  there remains a risk of  bed getting close automatically but this can be avoided by taking the help of an expert  to install them

If you are planning to revamp your old furniture & looking for modern furniture, then you are in the correct place. Below are some of the highest selling wall mounted bunk beds. So let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Horizontal Folding Wall bed Bunk Bed Hidden Murphy Bed TA-K07


1.The manufacturer of Folding Wall Bunk Bed Hidden Murphy Bed is  Guangzhou Tall furniture ( China) which produces high-quality furniture & pass SGSquality system.

1. The bed can be easily hidden in the wall when you are not using and when you want to relax just pull it from the wall with its bedding intact.

2. It has two single size beds and each of these bed can be operated separately when needed, for e.g if you have a guest or friends on sleepovers then pull both the bed otherwise you can pull only the bottom bed or top bed for sleeping. The top bed can be accessed with the ladder.

3. The entire set is made of 30mm thickness high-quality plywood along with melamine laminate panels, PVC edge Inner bed frame and mattress.

4. This Hidden Murphy Bed will fit into a variety of home décor as it is available in various colors like warm white, golden sandalwood & black walnut.

3. Known for its features like multifunctional, durable, healthy, corrosion protection and anti-Rust. The appearance is quite modern which will definitely get you some good comments from your friends & relatives.

4. Comes with a warranty period from 3-5yrs.

2. Compact Fold-Away Wall Bunk Beds- Hover


1. Hover Compact Fold-Away Wall Bunk Beds offer 2 single beds & this compact Fold-Away Wall Bunk Bed is little more than 1 foot in depth.

2. The smooth Piston system ensures the smooth operation of the bed when it is opened or closed. This Wall Bunk Bed is a Perfect floor space saving option. During the day time, you can fold the bed into the wall & use the free space as a play space for your kids or use as a workspace.

3. The top beds look spacious and open as there is no above wall bed box thus avoiding stuffy feelings. The top bed can be climbed with Metal stairs with locking system.

4. The Straps keeps the bed and ladder in place when folded.

5. The top bed has movable sideboards & headboards which act as a safety guard, The Sideboards can be used either in the right side or left side as per the comfort of the person. These sideboards, headboards including the fabric are washable.

6.  Does not include mattress. You have to buy the mattress separately.

 7. The bed is designed to fit 6 inches Single Sized North American mattress. Hover fold –away wall bunk bed requires assembly & wall mount.

8.The Bed measures Height: 84 inches, Width: 83.25 inches, Depth when closed: 12.2 inches, Depth when open: 43.3 inches, Space between lower bunk to upper bunk: 50 inches.

9. It is available in White gloss panels or Cascina Pine Grey both with grey side covers.

3. Amore – Flat Side Folding Wall Bunks with Desk


1.Amore – Flat Side Folding Wall Bunks with Desk is a masterfully designed folding wall bunk. It is very easy to tuck the bunk bed into the wall & when unfolded it comes with two single horizontal beds which can be opened individually or simultaneously.

2. The design of this folding bunk bed with desk system is fresh and unique. When the bunk beds are hidden in the wall, the free floor can be used as study or workspace as this folded bunk bed comes with a desk.

2. The top bunk has sideboard and headboards which acts as a protection guard.

3. The bunk bed can be easily accessed with the help of ladders which is attached to the top bunk, this ladder can be tugged easily when not in use.

3. A unique feature of this folding bunk bed is its inside build storage space which can be used to keep your personal items like mobile phone, book, etc. There is also added space to keep pillows and beddings.

4. This premium bunk bed also as LED Lighting and includes mattresses of  Italian Single sizing.

5. Customer can choose a color from the variety of available color range.

6.The desk measures W 39.3 inches (100cm) x D 23 inches (60cm) x H 29 inches (75cm) from floor to Desk Top in open position.

7. Wall bed measures 83.85 inches (213 cm) in width and 77.75 inches (197.5 cm) in height, with a depth of just 17.5 inches (44.6 cm).

8.The bunks when open measure a depth of 40.9 inches (104 cm) from the back of the wall bed to the front full opening.

9. There is ample room between the bunks offering a full 37.4 inches (95 cm).

4. Compatto – Hidden Vertical Murphy Bunk Beds


1. Compatto-Hidden Vertical Murphy Bunk Beds can be easily accommodated in a tight space. Unlike others folding bunk bed which are horizontal, this Murphy Bunk bed is Vertical that folds into a  cabinet.

2. When the Cabinet door is opened, the beds need to be pulled backward &  are lowered to lock them in a place. 2 single bunk bed pops up with a built-in ladder which also acts as structural support.

3. Each bed can hold weight up to  95 kg or 209 lbs. The top bed has safety guard rails.

4.. The bed fits mattresses of 7 inches or under. Straps are there to keep the mattress in place when folded into the cabinet.

5. Customer can choose a finish from a classic white to warm wood panels.

6.The Bed Measures Height:  86.6 inches or 220 cm, Width: 39.4 inches or 100 cm, Length when open: 87.4 inches or 222 cm and Wall bed Depth: 23.8 inches or 60.5 cm.

The practical design of wall mounted bunk beds have recently gained popularity. Once the beds are folded into the wall they create tons of free space magically.If you are staying in a studio or tiny apartments certainly wall mounted bunk bed would be a smart choice.

Thank You for reading The Insider’s Guide on Best Bunk Beds in Walls. Hope you found it informative.