5 Bunk Beds From Environmentally Friendly Companies That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Environmentally Friendly Companies of twentieth-century are using more of nature-friendly technology, non-toxic chemicals, and recycled materials to make this planet a greener & safer place for our children.

World Wide Nations has become eco-conscious & encouraging its people to add more of greenery to lifestyles. You & Me can do a bit for the environment and contribute to reducing pollution or prevent climate change by adopting eco-friendly living styles. For instant start using products & items from eco-friendly companies who don’t harm our environment during the process of production.

It’s not been long when one of my close friends asked to help her in choosing a New bunk bed for her two adorable kids. She had recently shifted to the city with her family & was quite busy settling around, so I immediately agreed to help her out.

At that time the opportunity gave me to analyze the reviews which  I have got them together under this blog post . This list will provide guidance to those family who is looking for layered beds as space-saving furniture for their children bedroom .So here we go with the list-

1.Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed-Twin Size

 Key Features

1. The Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed is an attractive piece of furniture for Kids Room. It is a twin size bed.

2. This  Bunk Bed is an ideal fit for the low ceiling as the bunk height is low. Because of low bunk height children can easily climb it safely.

3.Made in a Forest Stewardship Certified Facility, which means that wood comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

4. It is made from locally sourced Baltic birch plywood and eco-MDF.

5. The compact design of the bunk bed spares a lot of floor space to keep other items of furniture.

6. Oeuf Perch Bunk Beds comes with angled ladder with safety tread. This ladder can be attached on either side of the bed as per the comfort of the child.

7. Another unique feature of this bed is, it can be separated into  Loft bed & a standalone twin, leaving the underneath space to be used as a study or play space.

8. The construction of the bed is sturdy and strong.

9. The top bunk bed has got safety rails to avoid accidental fall. The top bunk is recommended for children of 6 years or above only.

10. The bunk bed is available in Birch/ White and Walnut/White finishes.

11. Finishes are non-toxic and water-based, free of VOC health hazards.

12. Wood wastes and finishing materials are recycled and the entire set of bunk bed is  Packaged in recycled cardboard.

13. It is a Greenguard Gold certified which indicates it has met the standard which helps in the reduction of indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure while aiding in the creation of healthier indoor environments.

14. Oeuf Perch Bunk Beds are made under European environmental standards and also meets all US, Canadian, and European safety standards.

15. The bed measures 42.25″ W x 77 7/8″ L x 62″ H.

16. Assembly is required to set up the entire Bunk Bed, which is very easy if followed the instruction.

17. This brand also offers an option for  Trundle Bed-Twin Size, which enables  3 people to sleep on the bunk bed. One on the trundle, one on bottom bed & the other on a top bunk bed.

2.Vermont Bunk Beds-Mansfield

Key Features

1. Vermont Bunk Beds offers handcrafted sturdy, strong & durable bunk bed.

2. Vermont Bunk Beds believes in environmentally sustainable business as because they want our children to grow in a green environment. All the furniture collections from Vermont Bunk Beds are Eco-Friendly.

3. Vermont Bunk Bed-Mansfield collection is made out of hardwood which is grown locally at Vermont.

4. It looks classic and can be a centerpiece of furniture in the children’s room.

5. The solid square corner posts and curved headboards created a balanced look and feel.

6. The bed is approximately 70″ tall, 43″ wide, and 78″ long and fit mattresses not more than 10″thick.

7. They use finishes which have no health hazards, these paints are non-toxic, no odor and have no VOC to keep the environment clean. Particleboard & petroleum products are also not used during the construction of this bunk bed.

8. One of the heart winning feature is it offers modifications. As per your specifications, you can request changes like  finish, color, ladders, drawers, raising or lowering the height of the bunk bed, Increasing the length for an extra long mattress, building with select hardwoods  ( timberland, oak, maple, etc ) grown locally, leaving beds unfinished to lower cost

3. Urbangreen Thompson Twin Bunk Beds with 3 drawers

Key Features

1. Urbangreen Thompson Twin Bunk Beds comes with 3 drawers is a twin size bunk bed with storage.

2.Made out of woods from maple, cherry & walnut Veneers without any use of formaldehyde glues. It is built with Eco MDF( Medium Density Fiberwood). The MDF used is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and free of formaldehyde.

3. These eco-friendly bunk bed has got no harms for humans & pets.

4. Each frame of the bunk bed are hand sanded and finished with the lowest VOC finishes which means harmful emissions are lower and these coatings have got very low or no heavy metals and formaldehyde.

5. It does not require box Spring.

6. The top bunk bed has got safety rails to prevent the accident from rolling at night.

7 A ladder to access the top bed & has got 3 smooth wood surface drawers underneath the bottom bed, where you can keep all bed accessories.

8. This wooden bed needs to be wiped & dusted with damp cloths but avoid using a chemical cleanser.

9. You can choose from 24  non-toxic, nonallergenic finishes which fit the best décor of your room.

10. The Bed Measures D40 3/4 x W79 xH71 ¾ and the inside of  Drawer measures: 20″D x 21″W x 7 1/4″H.

4. FLEXA White bunk bed

Key Features

1. White Bunk Bed by Flexa is another addition to a list of eco-friendly Bunk Beds. Flexa uses environment-friendly materials to create a Bunk Bed.

2. In the construction of the bunk bed, FLEXA uses high-quality wood with few knots and this wood is certified by PEFC™ which meets strict international standards for sustainable forest management.

3. As Flexa follows the slogan “Go green” they ensure t0 recycle tree stumps, wood shavings and even sawdust from the preparation process.

4. Flexa Bunk Bed is finished with UV-lacquer, which is free from solvents and toxic colorants. This UV-lacquer has no health hazards & also increase the bed longevity from any wears & tears.

5. The white bunk bed is an adorable bunk bed designed especially for children.

6. Considering the child safety the bunk bed has no sharp edges or corner, they are all rounded.

7. The Top bunk bed has stylish guard rails

8 Parents can choose any color from available range which fits best with décor of the room. The Legs of the bed is painted in solid birch

9. The Straight ladder of Flexa White bunk bed takes less space compared to the slanting ladder.

10. Another versatile function of the bed can be separated & used as independent beds.

11. The bed measures 154 (H)x 210 (L)x 109(W) cm.

5.Maine Bunk Beds -“Acadia” Classic Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed

Key Features

1. Start a natural life with Maine Bunk Beds. Their “Acadia” Classic Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed looks super elegant & beautiful.

2. Classic Twin-Over-Twin  Bunk Beds can be used by teenager & adults. It has got two twin size bed layered one over the other.

3. The architecture of bunk bed sets looks strong & durable.

4. For Safety reason the top bed is surrounded with guard rails.

5.Made out of locally sourced, renewable hardwood and dispose of the waste material responsibly.Maine Bunk Beds donate sawdust to dairy farmers to be used as cow bedding.

6. They don’t use any glue in their beds neither they use any metal plates. metal braces or angles except for the architectural bolts.

7. Maine Beds does not use particle board or composite materials mattress base of the bed is made with a set of slats or plywood sheet that is NAUF-rated (No Additional Urea Formaldehyde).

8. You can choose from 8 finishes which are Greenguard-certified ( which means negligible emissions of volatile organic compounds to keep the environment clean).

9.Due to the water-based technology the lacquer which they apply enable the finish to be long-lasting, scratch resistant.

10. Maine Bunk Beds are water-resistant.

11.The Bunk Bed measures: 45″ D x 82″L x 72″H

Maine Bunk Beds allows customization with below option which you can choose as per your need.

Custom Length or Width

Extra Headroom

“Porthole” Ladder

Built-in Storage Drawers

Twin Trundle

Staircase with Storage Drawers

The eco-friendly bunk beds induces  a great way of leading green-lifestyles. They have no harmful effect on children health. Beds are durable and made out of sustainable materials.

With this, I end my post & thank you for reading my selection of Bunk Beds From Environmentally Friendly Companies.