A new style – Rope Bunk Bed Ladders

Bunk Beds is not only just modern and space saving options but it is also about adding fun and adventure to your small room apartment. Bunk Beds are the wise and smart choice for a small room, providing enough space especially for kids to sleep and play, safely and comfortably.

Modern Bunk Beds are not confined just to the kids, adults can also use it because of its multiple advantages.

To add adventure to such bed, we can always think of attaching a rope ladder to the bunk bed. It’s really fun & enjoyable for children to climb this rope ladder to a top bunk bed. This hanging  ladder is a bonus to décor of the room and looks cool. Stylish rope bunk bed ladder designs are quite elegant for adult or guest room.

Bunk Beds are one of the favorites of children but again rope ladder has its own disadvantage, its really uncomfortable for kids to use it with bare feet and sometimes can lead to slip or fall especially when used in the middle of the night in complete dark half sleep. But these problems can be avoided if we allow a very small kid to use it during the day time.

In the market, you can easily get rope bunk bed ladder which can be easily attached to the top of bunk beds & at the same time, we can carry this rope ladder to be used for outdoors during summer camp.

These ladders are easily available on online shopping site and retail store, or with little patience and time, these beautiful rustic looking bunk bed hanging ladder can easily be made at Home.You can also engage your kids if they are over 8 years of age, as building  ladder does not involve any complicated process but it’s not super easy.

In order to make this rope bunk bed ladder, what you need is:

  • Rope
  • Wood for steps
  • Clamps
  • Hardware
  • Stain
  • Eye Ring

There are various online sites( e.g,homesteady.com; mikaelmonsonphotography.com; )which can teach you in simple steps as for how to build a sturdy beautiful rope ladder.

With your creative ideas, you can just not only make a hanging ladder but also which will add décor to rooms.

Here are some  ideas related to rope bunk bed ladder which you might find useful

Wood slats and rope ladder hangs from the side of a white built-in bunk bed accented with a black and white painted shiplap trim lit by cage sconces fixed over yellow bedding.

Source: Ashley Gilbreath 

DIY rope ladder for bunk bed(ourhousenowahome.com)

Montgomery, Alabama-based architects McAlpine Tankersley added a nautical note to a beach house bunkroom via a pair of rope ladders.

Red, white and blue boys’ room features built-in shiplap bunk beds dressed in red, white and blue bedding accented with a white rope ladder as well as a third bed forming an L shape.

Source: chango & co.

Rope ladders for bunk beds, courtesy of interior designer Susan Greenleaf.