Best Sturdy Bed Bunk Ladders for Daily Use

 It is estimated that we spend one-third of our lifes in our bedrooms. Hence we always want to decorate our bedroom with stylish and comfortable beds but at the same time, we don’t want our bed occupying the entire space of our rooms, especially if we are living in small apartments or rooms.

Furniture Companies understood this serious issue &  introduced to us BunkBed. By Bunk Bed we mean one bed is layered or stacked on another within one-bed frames enabling two or more beds to occupy the same space as required by one bed, resulting in enough space to accommodate TV/lounge/desk in our tiny bedrooms. These are suggested not just for small bedrooms or guest room but it is mostly seen in ships, military, in hostels, dormitories, summer camps, prisons.

As the top bed of Bunk Bed is elevated, there is always a need for a ladder to get on to this top bed.

Today we will not discuss on bunk bed but will talk on Bunk Bed ladder.

Our tips on choosing the perfect ladder for your bed

Before considering any climbing options, there are few tips which we should consider before buying any ladder or staircase for our bedrooms, especially if these are for our kid’s bedroom.

1. The first & most important tips to consider is SPACE. Depending on the availability of space we can choose either a straight ladder or Staircase or angled ladder. The straight ladder is most popular space-saving choice while the staircase provides extra storage hence saving space elsewhere for you. Similarly, you can use the angled ladder, deciding is yours as to where you want to attach it to bed, so as to optimize the available space of the room.

2. The second thing which you need to take into consideration is SAFETY. Getting into top bunk doesn’t appear to be dangerous but slippage or falls can happen especially if they are kids and precautions need to be taken, to avoid such incidents.
In terms of safety, the most advisable options will be staircase as it has inbuilt handrails & provides a large surface for steps.
The second best option for safety will be angled ladder as the angle makes it easier for young aged children to climb comfortably & additional safety handrails will avoid falls.  It will be better if we can also check in for its wider surface steps.
The third and most cost-effective option is the straight ladder.But we need to be careful & ensure that it has got wide steps, strong enough to provide good hold & avoid slippage

3.The third and most important thing which we should consider before buying is COMFORT. Most of the times specifically younger children get into top bunks bare foot. Considering such a scenario we shouldn’t opt for a rope ladder which doesn’t provide enough comfort & support to naked feet while climbing. Also, we should avoid a thin staircase as it provides discomfort while climbing into the top bunk bed particularly for an adult.

The most suggested comfortable option both for kids and adult will be the staircase, as it has a wide surface step and enough space to climb easily.

Done with the tips? Now lets see our top picks..

Today the market has given us a variety of bunk bed ladders which we can easily avail it either from retail store or online shopping. Sometimes its really confusing which one to go for, as it is extremely frustrating and a waste of money, when the Purchase products are not up to our satisfactory level.
But now we don’t have to worry as after undergoing lots of research and customer analyze, I hereby providing some important information details regarding the best bunk bed ladders available to us.

STROMBERG CARLSON LA-466 RV Trailer Camper Steps & Ladders Interior Bunk Ladder

This Bunk Ladder is easy to climb to bunk top bed both for Kids and adult. It has rubber tread covers because of which you can climb even with naked foot comfortably. For a positive attachment you use either a small hook & extrusion or the larger hook, and there is no need of facial board to be drilled.For Shorter bunk, length can also be trimmed. The ladder is very solid and can easily hold weight up to 300 lbs. It’s very easy to cut as per use. The entire item weight around 8 pounds.For making it convenient multiple attachments are included. This ladder can be used both for summer camp and indoors.

You can get  this from

BASIC WOOD bunk/loft bed ladder

This ladder is made of thick wood.They are made of Southern Yellow Pine as we all know that southern yellow pine has all the properties of strength. As this ladder is thick, hence it can easily hold heavy weight. Ladder hooks are made of  1/8″ steel which prevents it from bending.They are long-lasting and are available with ready to assemble including hardware and Allen wrench. The only thing which you will require to put on the hooks is Philips Screwdriver. It fits most of the loft bed and its steel hook keep it in place over side bed rails. As per your required dimensions, you can choose following ladders

 (4-step): 44.5″H x 3.5″D x 14″W
Top of rail should be 42-45″ high, resting against the side bed rail

 (4-step): 59″H x 3.5″D x 14″W
Top of rail should be 56-59″ high, resting against the side bed rail

 (5-step): 66″H x 3.5″D x 14″W
Top of rail should be 63-66″ high,  resting against the side bed rail

(4-5-step): Rail heights between the Regular Ladders ( 4-Step) and Tall  Ladders (5-Step). Extra charges me be required for making the adjustment

(5-8 step): Rail heights from 67″ up to 96″.

You can get this wooden ladder from and also if you need any help  to review your dimension, you can call them and take their assistance 

Piper Bunkbed Ladder

This Piper bunkbed ladder is made from solid pine in order to make it stable, secure and safe while climbing. The ladder width is 14″ (35.6 cm) ,height is 69″ (175.3 cm) and depth is  3.5″ (8.9 cm).This ladder can hold weight upto 400lbs.

It has got protective paint & its grey-hued finish gives an elegant stylish look goes with a variety of room decors.

You have to attach the wooden ladder to the metal bed bunk hooks with a screwdriver. Kits would be included for attaching metal bed hooks.

It is very easy to maintain and clean this ladder.You just need to wipe or dust with a soft clean cloth. Use of Strong cleansing chemical is not advised as they might damage the paint.

You can get this product on

Metal Storage Ladder For Loft Or Bunk Bed CM-L1041(IEM)

This Metal ladder can fit any bunk or loft beds. It’s in build storage gives you extra space for keeping items. It has got an elegant look hence it decors your room. The ladder has a wide surface for steps, hence its easier and comfortable both for kids and adult to climb the ladder. Its construction is robust and can be long-lasting. The ladder is easy to assemble

Size: 41-1/8 In. (L) x 18-1/8 In. (W) x 70-1/2 In. (H)

You can get this ladder on NationalHome

Blantex Hook-On Bunk Bed Ladder

This tubular Steel ladder hangs off the top railing of a bunk bed.It hangs in the air & does not rest on the ground and does not damage the floor. This ladder hooks onto 1-1/2″ Angle Iron Frame with no use of tools. The ladder is 40″ tall, 14″ wide & the rungs are spaced 9″ apart.This bunk bed ladder can be used both indoors & outdoors camping. Its stylish look decors the bedroom.

The ladder is very strong as made of quality material.

You can get this product from