Bunk Bed or Loft Bed: Which is the better one?

Renovating bed room has always been expensive but at the same time is exciting.While we decide to have a make-over of our apartment, we ensure it is having all the necessary furniture and accessories.In modern days because of high city cost, our aim has been to maximize the available space to the utmost. When it comes to the bedroom, numerous times it has been a topic of discussion for the family whether to buy Bunk Bed or Loft Bed. But before purchasing its necessary that we know every feature of bunk bed and loft bed thereafter only it can guide us, which one to buy and which one will best suit us or our family.

So Let’s dig a little deeper and understand the characteristic of both Bunk Bed and Loft Bed.

Bunk Bed Features :

1. Bunk Beds are the type of beds where one bed is vertically stacked on top of another bed frame, as a result, two or more beds occupy the same space as required by the individual bed.

2 The top bed of bunk beds is surrounded by guard or safety rails, which ensure the person does not fall accidentally while sleeping.

3. The top bunk is accessed with the help of an in-built ladder or individual ladder.

4. The Bunk Bed provides comfortable sleeping spaces to multiple people while occupying same space as required by a single Separate Bed. There are high-end models of bunk beds available in the market which offer a twin bed for the top bunk, double size for the bottom bunk, and sometimes trundle ( Optional)  attached to the lower bunk provides additional sleeping space.

5. The Bed frame is made of wood or Metal.

6. The Top Bunk can be used as Storage if it is unused as a bed.

7. Many Bunk beds come with storage drawers attached under the bottom bed where you can keep bed sheet, blankets, and pillows.

8. There are few bunk beds available which can be separated as two individual beds, thus meeting your changing needs.

9. Bunk beds are available in models which can be used for toddlers and then extended to a teenager bed.

10. Bunk beds are designed with an in-built system to hold the mattress, thus saving your time & few dollars in finding the right mattress which fits with box spring.

Loft Bed  Features:

1. A loft bed is a vertical raised bed similar to a bunk bed, but without bottom beds, the floor space under the top bunk bed is used for closet or as work – station/study area or add Sofa where you can relax and read. Very often furniture sometimes comes as in-built with a loft bed model.

2. The top bunk again has safety rails just like a bunk bed, to avoid fall during sleep.

3. The top bunk of loft bed is reached with a ladder.

4. Unlike Bunk Bed, a loft bed has limited space for sleeping. The only top bunk can be used for Sleeping.

5. Loft Bed is the best space saving options as the free Space under bed can be used for storage or keeping the furniture.

6. By attaching curtain under the loft bed, the  free floor can maintain privacy during work or study.

6. The high-end loft bed models come with  inbuilt storage, desks, and drawers

7. The Loft bed frames are made of wood, metal & plastics.

8. The Loft bed is usually high price compared to bunk bed because of its additional features.

Now when you know the features of both Bunk Bed & Loft Bed, I hope it will help you in your purchase. Though both Bunk Bed & Loft Bed is considered as the best available space saving option both types of bed have certain common disadvantages also.For e.g. Its really difficult to get bed sheet tagged on the top bunk when it gets messy. If you or your child gets sick, it is not only tiring to use the ladder in the middle of the night, every time you need to go to the bathroom but also there remains the danger of accidental fall when you are in almost half sleep. Some times when the ceiling is low sleeping on the top bunk gives a feeling of stuffy and also increase the probability of bumping our head on to the ceiling while sitting up or while waking from sleep.

Bunk Beds & Loft Beds are so similar in their features & function, that they can be considered as brother & sister. In spite of their similarities, they are different & each type of bed can be our right choices if we consider current living style and budget Bunk Beds are best choice for family with more children ,who are staying in small apartment  providing  multiple sleeping space without sacrifice of space  whereas Loft Bed are best for those who are staying single as a student or doing a job, as loft beds come with inbuilt work station or study desk.