Here are our tips before you consider buying loft bed

1.Headroom space.

By headroom, we mean the space between the ceiling & mattress. You need to really measure this so, that you have enough safe space while climbing the ladder without hurting your head or bumping your head when you woke up in the morning. The minimum headroom should be 30 inches, as per consumer product safety commission

2.Size Of Loft Bed.

While buying a loft Bed, ensure you measure your space. At least there should be a gap of 36 inches on both sides of loft Bed so that you can freely move around the loft bed.

3. Space you need under the loft bed.

The Space underneath of loft bed usually depends on the height of the loft bed. The usual standard measurement is in order to have 50.5 inches of underneath space, loft bed will be 8’ft ceiling bed. 55.5 inches on a 9′ ceiling bed, and 63 inches on a 10′ ceiling bed.

4.Weight Limit of the Loft Bed.

Ensure that you check with the manufacturer the maximum weight which the loft bed can hold.

5.Safety Guardrails

Even adults require guardrails on the top bed as an accident can happen to anyone irrespective of age. It’s advised to check if your loft bed is having guard rails which should be at least 5 inches above the mattress.