Homer Simpson’s Guide to Bunk Bed with Trundle

Homer Simpson father of Simpson family, even agrees that Bunk Bed with trundle is a wise space saving options for families having more than one children or can be used for guest sleepovers. It does sound funny but the fact remains that a stacked bed with trundle is an ideal solutions for Small Apartments.

When we say trundle it refers to a bed which is hidden under the main bed when not in use and as this bed has wheels,it can be rolled and used as a separate bed whenever needed and in the morning it is pushed below the main bed  It is that extra bed which is close to ground & stays under the main bed when not in use. In case if you don’t use the trundle as a bed, then use it as storage and store bed sheet, pillows or other bed accessories.

In this blog post, I will be sharing detail features for 5 best Bed with Trundle available in the market. Hope you find this useful.

1. Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle- Amani

Key Features

1. Your Kid will absolutely love this bunk bed with trundle. It is made of solid pine wood.

2.Comes in natural wood grain colors which fits into a variety of room décor.

3. The construction of this bunk bed looks sturdy & well built.

4. The top bunk has guardrails which can be detached if required.

5. Both the bed ie, the top & main bed can hold weight up to 700lbs & the trundle bed underneath the main bed can hold weight up to 250 lbs.

6. The two full-size beds with slat can support any type of mattress of your choice without box spring.

7. The top bunk bed can be climbed with the help of built-in ladders.

8. Assembly is very easy if followed the instructions.

9. Amani Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle has been successfully tested under various safety process

10.The Bunk Bed measures: 69.5” H x 57.75” W x 80” L and the trundle measures: 11.5” H x 41.5” W x 74.5” L.

11. The Matresses thickness recommended for trundle is 8 inches & the recommended mattresses thickness for top bed is  9 inches.

2. Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Trundle and Storage- Chamblee

Key Features

1. The construction of the bed appears strong & sturdy and is made in Vietnam.

2. The bed frames are made of solid pine wood.

3. This Twin Over Twin Size bed is a perfect bed for your little ones sharing the same room.

4. The bed comes with trundle and three drawers which gives you extra storage space to keep bedroom essentials.

5. This product comes with inbuilt ladder & detachable guard rails on the top bed.

6. The top bed & trundle bed can hold weight up to 150 pounds each while the bottom bed can hold weight up to 200 pounds.

7Assembly is required to set the entire bed.

8.Measures : 72.5” H x 80.25” L ,the trundle measures 16.5” W and the drawers measure : 6” H x 17.5” W x 13” D

9. The recommended thickness of the mattress for each bed including trundle bed is 6 inches.

3. Bunk Beds Twin over Twin Stairway Cappuccino withTrundle- Bedz King 

Key Features

1. Made of Solid Brazilin Pine and its cappuccino goes well with any room décor.

2. This is a Twin Over Twin size bed & the trundle is also of twin size, thus offering 3 beds.

3. The top bunk bed has safety rails to avoid accident fall in sleep.

4. As this bed requires assembly you can arrange to set the stairway either in right or left for easy access to the top bed.

5. The top bed can be moved and used as a separate bed.

6. There are 3 drawers in the stairway to provide extra storage to keep essential bedroom items.

7.The bed measures: 61 1/2 high x 102 1/2 wide x 42 1/2 inches deep.

8.The Drawers measures: 8 1/2 high x 18 wide x 15 1/2 inches deep.

9. Twin Trundle measures  9 1/2 high x 74 1/2 long x 41 inches deep and can accommodate a mattress up to 7 inches deep.

4. Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Trundle- Isabelle

Key Features

1. This white color elegant looking bunk bed with trundle is a perfect space-saving solution.

2. The bed size is Twin Over Twin.

3. The Upper bunk bed has safety guard rails & its lateral side entry ladder increases the easy access to bottom bunk & the trundle.

4. The Slat roll foundations of both the bed provide extra center rail support system & added sturdy.

5. To ensure durability and longevity this item built has met and exceeded all the government & industry safety guideline.

6. Considering the child safety the ladder of this bunk bed is extra wide and grooved step angle to ensure easy foot grip & comfort while climbing.

7. The white & protective finish goes with any kind of room décor.

8. The Bunk Bed can be separated into two twin beds whenever needed.

9. The bed frames are made of solid Pine Wood.

10. The bunk bed measures: 58.5” H x 42.5” W x 95.5” L and both the top & bottom bed can hold weight up to 600lbs each.

11. The thickness of Mattresses recommended for top, bottom and trundle bed is 8.5 inches.

12. Assembly is required to set this bunk bed with trundle.

13. This product has obtained various certifications indicating it has met the standard guidelines related to longevity & safety.

5. Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle- Oakwood

Key Features

1. Oakwood Bunk Bed with trundle is the best option for your grown-up children sharing the same bedroom.

2. This Bunk Bed is made of eco-friendly & healthy furniture which make its unique and its protective gray finish compliments any type of room décor.

3. The frames are made of solid wood and its engineered design has made its construction sturdy & safe for growing kids.

4. The bunk bed is Full over Full Size and a twin size trundle.

5. The top bed is surrounded with detachable safety guard rails & has got an inbuilt lateral ladder.

6 There is an extra sturdy center rail support system to enhance longevity and includes a slat roll foundation.

7. Oakwood Full Over Full Bunk Bed meets & exceed the US government Safety standard for Bunk Bed.

8. The Bottom & top bed can hold weight up to 750lbs each.

9.The  bed measures: 69.5” H x 83.6” W x 57.75” L and the trundle measures : 74.5” W x 41.5” L.

10. The thickness of the mattress recommended for top & bottom bed is 8.5 inches.

Trundle bed has few negative features. Due to the logistic reason of confining them under another bed in the same space, they don’t have a spring box which leads to back pain and if used daily it wears out quickly. While pushing it under the bed it makes a lot of noises and easily doesn’t adjust under the main bed. But you can always take care of this issue for e.g, before buying the bunk bed with trundle inspect that its adjustment under the main bed is smooth.  Don’t allow elderly people or someone with back pain to sleep on a trundle bed.

Though it has certain limitations  but  versatile & magical space saving functions overshadows all those points. So keep your fear aside & go-ahead. Good Bye & thank you for reading our Homer Simpson’s Guide.