Best compact Adult Loft Beds you can buy right now

Loft Bed is magic when you cannot double your bedroom square footage. It is designed as a space saving option, provides floor space for keeping desk, cupboard or for other storage activities.  Bunk Bed & Loft Bed are the smartest options for the small floor. Both have almost the same features but still, there is a difference between them. Bunk bed is a bed where one bed is layered on the other vertically, whereas a loft bed has got a top bed but without a lower bed, so that space can be used for TV, desk, cupboard or for other furniture & storage.

Bunk Bed is the best alternative when two or more person is sharing the same small bedroom.

As rent is now days very high, sometimes we want to use the tiny bit of every space, in such scenario loft bed fit s the best in such a tiny apartment.

Having loft bed brings in a lot of advantage such as space saving, with proper interior they look creative, and give privacy of your sleeping area, as the sitting area under the bed can be used by any person, rather than sitting on your bed.

Despite having so many advantages it has certain limitations as well. The top bunk always feels stuffy as you are close to ceiling &  without air conditioner, it is hotter during the summer season, as air nearer to ceiling is warmer. Every time there is a possibility you might end up bumping your head while waking up in the morning and in case if you fall sick, you will get tired of getting down and climbing up on the ladder when you need to go to the bathroom multiple times. Making beds on top, like the change of sheet or cleaning seems difficult, making your bed look messy.

Despite these negatives, still, it looks not only stylish but enable people to organize & decorate their small apartment.

Buying the best adult loft bed is a difficult & confusing task. On the basis of customer analyses, the following are the best  in our opinion.

DHP Abode Full-Size Loft Bed Metal Frame With Desk and Ladder

This black metal frame loft bed is sold by renowned furniture brand DHP/ Dorel Home Products. It is a best budget bed for the adult with inbuilt office space underneath.Its desk can hold laptop & has got shelves for keeping business requirements. The desk can hold weight up to 50 pounds and the bed can hold weight up to 300 pounds.

It also has guard rails with two attached ladder. The bed has enough sleeping area for most of the people.  The Product Size is 80 L x 57.5 W x 72 H inches. It requires simple assembly

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Coaster Fine Furniture Loft Bed with Workstation

This black adult bed is sold by Coaster Fine Furniture which offers workstation. The workstation is engineered with unique sigma design making it look modern.

The frame is made of metal which is 2″ thick.The thickness of the metal makes it strong & sturdy and offers stability. It can hold weight up to 400 pounds.It has got safety guard rails.Underneath is the inbuilt desk where you can keep your desktop or laptop and has keyboard tray There is a shelf to store things as per our need. It looks very stylish and well designed. It is an expensive loft bed and requires assembling.This loft bed comes with a mattress.

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Franklyn Twin Loft Bed

This is one of the best available wooden loft bed.Its Espresso finish goes with any variety of home décor.

This product has got a twin loft bed with three in-built work station, single drawer &  Open bookcase design with four fixed shelves which provides additional storage. The inbuilt desk can hold your laptop and comes with keyboard pullout feature ..Mattress and slat kits are included  in this product

This is ideal for women or teenagers, as it can hold weight up to 150 pounds. However it’s a bit pricey.

This product is 75″ H x 41.63″ W x 80″ D and weight is 226 lbs

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DHP X-Loft Metal Bunk Bed Frame With Desk

This contemporary metal frame bed comes with an underneath desk to keep your laptop & other business requirements. It comes in silver and black in color.Another USP is that it comes with a functional work station. It has got front ladder & safety guard rails. The bed can accommodate a twin size mattress.The Mattresses are not included in this product.The product size is 72 inches high x 76.5 inches wide x 42 inches deep. The bed can hold weight up to 200 pounds. It’s required to assemble.

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